Healing Hearts is a specialty clinic that works with children, adults, and families. We constantly seek the highest level of training and cutting edge therapy to help our clients. People who come to us suffer from issues with trauma, attachment, adoption, out-of-home placement and multiple moves, developmental delays, sensory integration, and prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs.

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Breakthrough study reveals biological basis for sensory processing disorders in kids

Sensory processing disorders (SPD) are as prevalent in children than autism and ADHD, yet SPD has received far less attention because it has not been recognized as a specific disease. Researchers from UC San Francisco have found in a groundbreaking new study, that children affected by SPD have significant differences in the brain. This is the first time that research has been able to show a biological basis for SPD that sets it apart from other neurodevelopmental disorders.
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Learning Related Vision Problems

Many of our clients display learning-related vision problems. We are finding these problems are impeding their educational, emotional, and relational needs.

What Is Neurofeedback?

What Does A Vision-Related Problem Look Like?" (video)

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