Healing Hearts is a specialty clinic that uses traditional and alternative neurological treatments to help people heal. We constantly seek the highest level of training and cutting edge therapies to help our clients.

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Using Essential Oils in Therapy

Healing Hearts has started using Essential Oils in therapy and as a supportive technique with our families. We have also created specific blends that support a good night's sleep, getting moving in the morning, and a pick me up for mid-day. Please see our brochure for more information on these blends.

Primitive Reflex Integration

Healing Hearts knew the work we did was wonderful but it seemed for many of our clients, something was missing and they could not progress as we would have hoped. We have since teamed up with Peg Johnson, MNRI specialist for assistance. Peg has been wonderful at helping our clients progress when traditional treatments have failed. In addition, we have realized Primitive Reflex work should be a first line of treatment. Please see more under our services pages.