Interactive Metronome®

There is a growing understanding that motor planning, sequencing, and timing are some of the most significant processing capacities for which our brain is responsible. Everything the human brain does requires very precise, natural timing. Natural timing is an important foundation of our ability to attend, learn, process information and physically execute actions. If this system is compromised, it can underlie a broad spectrum of mental and physical impairments and endowments.

At Healing Hearts, we offer a research-based tool called Interactive Metronome® that enables us to work these key areas of the brain. Neurological delays caused by trauma, exposure to alcohol/drugs or other diagnosed conditions could have severely impacted these key areas. Through the use of Interactive Metronome®, we are able to strengthen and enhance the overall function and communication of vital brain regions. When these regions are working to their fullest potential, several positive outcomes have been researched and observed. They include:

  • Greater ability to attend to tasks
  • Greater ability to multi-task
  • Improved auditory processing
  • Improved visual processing
  • Increased flexibility control
  • Increase in impulse
  • Increased memory skills
  • Improved sensory integration
  • An increase in organizational skills and time management
  • Greater awareness of environmental and social cues
  • Ability to focus on verbal commands

Healing Hearts assessment process is used to obtain information to ensure accurate treatment recommendations. Our assessments are made up of 3 appointments for clients under 18 and 2 appointments for adult clients.  An assessment is required to access any service or therapy at Healing Hearts Family Counseling Center.