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Neurofeedback is a subdivision of Biofeedback and is training in self-regulation. Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves your mental performance, emotional control and physiological stability, assisting in providing optimal brain function. Neurofeedback gains information about your brainwaves through an EEG connected to sensors, which relays that information to a computer and monitor. Neurofeedback assesses the functioning of your brain, helps locate the cause of the symptoms, and trains your brain to function more effectively.


By calming specific areas in your brain, you are then able to more easily process strong emotions, decrease anxiety, and widen your ability to tolerate your environment. Neurofeedback helps you to gain a more appropriate and stable brain state by asking your brain to work more or less in the targeted area.


Neurofeedback requires weekly sessions for a minimum commitment of 10 months.

At Healing Hearts, Neurofeedback is helpful for the following conditions:

  • Physical aggression
  • Inability to tolerate strong emotions
  • Emotional over-reactivty
  • Lack of empathy and awareness of others
  • Resistant to treatment
  • Lack of insight and perspective
  • Poor eye contact
  • Attachment-related issues
  • Trauma
  • Shut-down (unavailable), cold, remote (not present)
  • Obsessive fears or worries