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It is no wonder we are facing more stress and parents are feeling at a loss for how to parent. How often do we hear, “I would have never treated my dad that way!” True, yet we live in a very different and fast-growing culture and society. What may have worked in the past is not working now. In addition, often our generation does not want to parent the same as our parents. So what do we do? 


It’s important to know, compared to our parent’s generation, that we actually have a substantial amount of information about what works, what does not work, and why. At Healing Hearts, we have learned there could be additional issues complicating life. As a result, we look at issues facing families through a neurological, developmental, and societal lens. We help parents understand what’s happening, why this is happening, and what can be done to help life become easier. We love to give specific parenting strategies so parenting can become effective and fun. 


For most families, we automatically provide this service by meeting with you during the appointment before your child begins therapy or we schedule another time with you during the week to touch base. 


If you think or feel like this service could help you and your family, you can ask our office for help with parenting. We are here for you!